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April Strong Arm Challenge

New month! New Health Challenge! In 2017 my life focus is Health. This includes financial, emotional, spiritual, and PHYSICAL! This month I am going about things with a plan of action in the area of physical health. Exercise and I have had a love/hate relationship for most of my life. Over the years I’ve participated… Read More April Strong Arm Challenge

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Budgets, and Planners, and Health, oh my!!

Some days it feels like the hole is up to my eyeballs and I can barely see out. Another bill, another email reminder of a late payment or missed, another failed connection, another event I must cancel because I over booked myself. Who I thought I would be at 40 is simply not the reality… Read More Budgets, and Planners, and Health, oh my!!

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I like your necklace

“I like your necklace” I told her, while contemplating getting more hummus and pita. “It came from the Zulu people, handcrafted,” she replied. A conversation was sparked that intrigued, educated, and warmed my soul. Last night I was at an event called Operation: Mat. I had seen the event on facebook, after a friend marked… Read More I like your necklace