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May Core & Cardio Challenge

It’s the beginning of a new month, time for a new exercise challenge. This month we are focusing on Core & Cardio. The workout style will be a little different than last month’s arm challenge. I’ve put together a set of 4 separate workouts. Each day we’ll complete one workout, 3 sets of each (number… Read More May Core & Cardio Challenge

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Want to sponsor a mama?

It started in full screen mode Inwardly rebelling against myself and the goal to write and read everyday, I turned on every screen in the house, and proceeded to scroll. First through facebook, then through instagram. Mind numbing scrolling…until a smile stops me in my tracks, and I pause to read. Want to sponsor a… Read More Want to sponsor a mama?

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Week 1 Check-in: Modifications Strong Arm Challenge

Week 1 done. Wow, that went fast! How did you do? Are your arms feeling the burn? Did you complete every day so far? If not, practice grace with yourself and hop back on track the next day. It’s truly all about progress, not perfection. Confession: Some days my arms are completely burning when done,… Read More Week 1 Check-in: Modifications Strong Arm Challenge