How do I help Haiti…effectively?

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, news is flowing through social media in lightning speed. Appeals are being made, hearts are stirred, and people want to help, myself included. I’ve paused a few days because I wanted to see where the help is needed most, and what organizations I am confident to recommend. I will… Read More How do I help Haiti…effectively?

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Social Justice, Race Relations, and Jesus

Social justice. Race relations. Jesus. How do all of these ideas fit together. They fill my head and heart to overflowing, and leave me with more questions than answers. Let me just give you fair warning, this is a tough post for me to share, but I believe it is too important not to discuss.… Read More Social Justice, Race Relations, and Jesus

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Be still and know…

So often the idea of rest, of being still, is seen as lazy from the North American mindset. We brag about how busy we all are and use that as an excuse to avoid seeing people we don’t want to, exercising and taking care of our bodies, choosing foods that fuel our body, and reading… Read More Be still and know…