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Want to sponsor a mama?

It started in full screen mode

Inwardly rebelling against myself and the goal to write and read everyday, I turned on every screen in the house, and proceeded to scroll. First through facebook, then through instagram. Mind numbing scrolling…until a smile stops me in my tracks, and I pause to read.

Want to sponsor a mama?

Tears flow. Now, those who know me know I am not a crier by nature (though I’ve softened a bit as I’ve aged, like the velveteen rabbit).

Want to sponsor a mama? That simple question, written by Beauty for Ashes Uganda on their Instagram feed has me questioning: why does this make me cry? I feel before I can put words to the emotion. In all of the pleas we hear about sponsoring babies, children, animals, students, etc., who is looking out for the moms? I know of a few organizations, like Papillon in Haiti; created when the founder’s heart (Shelly) was broke for the moms who wanted to care for the babies but couldn’t afford to and often gave them up for adoption. And now I’ve learned about Beauty for Ashes.

Beauty for Ashes mama

Mom…the one who will forfeit her dreams, will quit school, go without, in order to provide for her children. Mom…who will sacrifice all for her children, even giving them up in hopes that someone else is able to provide better when she can’t afford to. Who is reaching out to the moms? Especially mothers in impoverished countries around the world.

As a mom, I want nothing more than my children to succeed, to feel loved, to have an education, to be able to navigate the big scary and adventurous world awaiting them. As such, I have made great sacrifices, without asking for sympathy, pity, or judgments. I give the little I can, and what I can’t, I leave in the hands of others, hoping and praying they care for my babies well (I know, I know, they are teens not babies, but they will forever be my babies. Right moms? You know it’s true!

So, when I see a post asking to sponsor a mama so she can become literate, receive a mentor, be able to provide better for her children going forward, my eyes leak profusely, and my heart leaps.

Empowering mama’s lasts longer than a day

Mother’s day is right around the corner. Perhaps while searching for the perfect gift this year, seek companies that empower moms around the world. Imagine the look on her face when she opens her gift, and learns that another mom across the globe, is able to provide food, shelter, and education to her child because of your gift?

There are quite a few organizations and companies that do just that. That will be another post…or 2!

Right now, if you’d like to learn more about what Beauty for Ashes is doing and see if you’d like to partner with them in some way (there are several options, and not all involve money), check them out here: Get Involved with Beauty for Ashes

People are pooling together to support a village, coming alongside mama’s who are working hard to provide for their family. Through partnership, single mama’s are able to pool their resources and stretch the dollars. They have been able to send children to school, buy seeds, goats, mosquito nets, and more.

How will you honor your mom and moms around the world?

mom and me
Me and my beautiful mama

~Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate for Beauty for Ashes Uganda. I do not receive any financial compensation or incentive for mentioning them.

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