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Week 1 Check-in: Modifications Strong Arm Challenge

Week 1 done. Wow, that went fast! How did you do? Are your arms feeling the burn? Did you complete every day so far? If not, practice grace with yourself and hop back on track the next day. It’s truly all about progress, not perfection.

Confession: Some days my arms are completely burning when done, and then I feel it build over the course of a few days. Definitely feeling the soreness of working out my arms. But, I am grateful for the ability to exerise and rebuild muscle. Posting pics daily on Instagram and Facebook has helped me remain accountable and not slack off. Oh boy is it tempting some days. But, the goal of life strength and no bat wings keeps me on task.

Are you staying on track? If you find you need a bit of accountability, comment below, tag @autumnl3igh on Instragram, or Autumn Leigh on facebook, and let’s cheer each other on. Truly, having a team makes things so much easier when you are tempted to let it slide.


Perhaps as you are doing the different types of exercises, you find they are too hard, awkward, etc at this point. As we begin new workouts, using muscles in ways we haven’t before, or our muscles are simply not strong enough to bear the weight of our entire bodies yet, modifications may be necessary to build strength without causing injury. There is zero shame in modifications. I use them for several exercises. My goal is PROGRESS, not perfectionism.

We all have our reasons why we need to modify. My reason: I am 40, have sat at a desk for the past 9 years, didn’t exercise much during that time, have a shoulder issue due to an old injury and surgeries that will affect me the rest of my life. So, I modify.

My most frequent modifications are for the basic pushup. I lower my knees to reduce strain on my back, and have a blanket on the floor to protect my knees.

Modification 2: Hold onto dumbells to keep wrists straight
Modification 1: Lower knees to reduce strain on your back

Additionally I hold on to dumbells while doing the pushup. This allows my wrist to stay straight and reduce strain on my wrists from bending at 90 degrees. The result of this set of modifications is muscles worked without injury.

Modification 2: Hold onto dumbells to keep wrists straight
Modification 2: Hold onto dumbells to keep wrists straight

Remember…PROGRESS, not perfection. Daily habit changes will lead to long lasting results. You’ve got this!!

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