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May Core & Cardio Challenge

It’s the beginning of a new month, time for a new exercise challenge. This month we are focusing on Core & Cardio. The workout style will be a little different than last month’s arm challenge. I’ve put together a set of 4 separate workouts. Each day we’ll complete one workout, 3 sets of each (number… Read More May Core & Cardio Challenge


It’s Time for a Fashion Revolution

::I love your shirt! :Thanks, I got it for $5/$10 at _____ store. ::Wow, what a steal! How many times has that scenario played out in your life? I’ve lost count in my own life. If you take a moment to think about it though, what is the true cost of that cheap shirt? What… Read More It’s Time for a Fashion Revolution

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Want to sponsor a mama?

It started in full screen mode Inwardly rebelling against myself and the goal to write and read everyday, I turned on every screen in the house, and proceeded to scroll. First through facebook, then through instagram. Mind numbing scrolling…until a smile stops me in my tracks, and I pause to read. Want to sponsor a… Read More Want to sponsor a mama?