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Molly Biondo, MA, LPC


Grand Blanc location, Owosso location, Teletherapy

Thank you for taking the first step to becoming the best version of yourself. Whether you are looking for help navigating through a difficult season of life; would like to repair past trauma, or you are look or just need maintenance therapy,  I am able to assist you in finding coping skills and the answers within yourself to help you get to the next level.

I specialize in working with women, adolescents, and young adults through the difficult transitions of life. I have experience from the school sector, child welfare sector, and family services sector. This experience has helped me to cultivate a great understanding of children and families and the best therapeutic practices to use.

I am an EMDR therapist as well.  

About : About Me

Jennifer Bailey, LLMSW


Grand Blanc location & Teletherapy

“Love what you do and do what you love. Passion is the key that opens the door to joy and
abundance.”~ David Cuschieri

I knew from an early age that I wanted to help others. I started my career working with middle school
and upper elementary students, helping them navigate the growing pains of childhood and adolescence.
After 16 years of working in the schools, I returned to earn my Master’s degree in Social Work, allowing
me to expand my abilities to work one on one with adolescents. I approach my therapy sessions with
creativity, humor, and a down-to-earth, realistic mindset. We will work collaboratively, without
judgment, to clarify your goals for treatment. I strive to provide a safe place where adolescents can be
themselves, feel comfortable, and be willing to allow me to walk with them on their journey of self-

About : About Me

Helga Bakk, MA, LLPC

Glennie location & teletherapy

Life often teaches many of us that personal growth and change can be a struggle. Oftentimes circumstance finds us taking two steps forward and then one step back. If you’re tired of lacking discipline and could benefit from some motivation I can create a partnership with you. I will work with you to increase your self-determination, self-awareness, and self-acceptance. I will help you understand how our current ways of thinking, feeling, behaving, and relating are tied to our family of origin and the programming we received as a child.
When you complete my levels of self-assessment you can begin to pivot your perspective, shifting your patterns, beliefs, and understanding about our life and its meaning. This rewarding work can only be done in a safe trusting relationship, of which I know I am able to offer you.
If this sounds like an endeavor that would be of interest to you in supporting your life, please reach out. We can journey down this rewarding path together until you are ready and strong enough to adventure on your own. Please note that I am able to offer services in English or Hungarian.

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Becky Cox, MA, LPC,


Owosso location, Teletherapy

Since 2013 I have worked with children and families, couples, and with individuals struggling with substance use disorders, anxiety, depression, strained relationships, and a desire to function better in life without so much stress. I have worked in residential settings, in homes, and in outpatient treatment. I understand how trauma impacts functioning, as well as grief and loss. In these uncertain times it can be difficult to navigate our relationships, jobs, and changes that make us feel out of control. I look forward to meeting you and walking with you as you navigate difficult seasons of life.

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Kasie Johnson, LMSW

Grand Blanc location & Teletherapy

In today’s world of increased demands and stressors, difficult emotions and negative thought patterns can affect both mental and physical well-being. Our history of personal trauma and behavioral disorders can condition us into thinking we cannot move beyond our experiences, leaving us frozen in place. If you’re staring down that first small step forward or are ready to take one giant leap, learn the skills to manage the feelings of anxiety, anger, and sadness that hold you back from being your most resilient and accomplished self.

“I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.” -Maya Angelou

As a school social worker and educator, I have first-hand experience in helping young people and their families navigate the challenges of poverty, trauma, grief/loss, emotional and developmental disorders, and obtaining services appropriate to their needs. I utilize a family-centered approach that promotes communication, collaboration, and consistency.

The journey to self-healing can be daunting, but you do not have to make it alone. Now accepting clients of all ages who endeavor to reframe their thinking and refocus their path.

About : About Me

Krysti Jones, LLMSW

Grand Blanc location & Teletherapy

Since 2013 I have worked with young children and their families; first as an early child educator and then as a clinician. I am working towards both my Child & Adolescent Trauma Certification as well as my Infant Mental Health Certification. I specialize in working with children and adolescents who have experienced trauma (early developmental or specific) and grief. I routinely conduct comprehensive assessments to look at the biological and environmental factors that shape development and impact behavior and use attachment theory and neurodevelopment to shape treatment planning goals. I believe all behavior is a way of communication and I incorporate a variety of treatment modalities to fit the needs of clients including art therapy, play therapy, sand therapy, sensory integration and CBT. I believe my role as a clinician is to meet the client in the space they are at and come alongside them to support their journey. Now accepting clients.

About : About Me

Lauren Long, 


Grand Blanc location and Teletherapy

I am passionate about helping people. I enjoy helping others work through their problems and watching people grow. I have a wide range of experience with all walks of life. Every person is unique and valuable. I focus my treatment around Cognitive-Behavioral approaches as it is heavily backed by research. However, I do draw on other modalities to make sure that each person is getting the most comprehensive and appropriate help for their specific needs.

About : About Me

Amy Murphy, MA, LLPC

Owosso location & teletherapy

I have immediate openings and I am ready to help get you out of that hole that you just feel like you keep sinking in. I have telehealth and in person sessions available, please do not hesitate in contacting me.I have a passion to work with those that are suffering from trauma(s), anxiety, depression, addiction, or relationship issues. I have completed parenting training with and for parents with CPS matters. I have worked with a lot of inmates/offenders, so I understand both the DHHS division and the MDOC divisions of the state of Michigan, and I am always readyI grew up with addiction and I have suffered a great deal of trauma(s) myself; so, I can relate to many of you, and I have the passion to assist others through their trauma(s), anxiety, depression, and anger.

About : About Me

Danielle Wray, LMSW

Teletherapy only

I enjoy working with people from all walks of life, backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures. I have experience working with men, women, and children. I believe showing up authentically with ourselves and others is one of the bravest and most liberating things we can do in our lives. Therapy is a safe place to remember who we truly are and discover the power that each of us possess to create a life that we enjoy.
I specialize in holistic cognitive behavioral therapy. I am able to offer different approaches depending on each persons needs and beliefs. I believe each person is an expert at their own lives. As a therapist, I have the honor to walk alongside people to assist and support them in navigating that life.
Reaching out for support is a brave step. It can be one of the most loving actions we do for ourselves. I believe we are all doing the best we can with the tools that we have in each moment. One aspect of being a therapist is helping people add to their tools. I would be honored to be a part of that journey for you.

About : About Me
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